Gin Lime Marshmallows |16-60 PCS
Gin Lime Marshmallows |16-60 PCS

Gin Lime Marshmallows |16-60 PCS


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Gin Lime Juniper marshmallows are a refreshing "pick me up"treat on a balmy afternoon.
These marshmallows are super zesty with a hint of gin and the fragrant scent from the juniper berries.
They also make excellent gourmet foodie hostess gifts.
You will receive a packages of 16 marshmallows measuring 1 1/4 inches squares or you can order a full batch which yields 50 to 60 pieces.
Gin Lime marshmallows are made using fresh lime juice, gin and juniper berries. They are then cut and dusted with juniper berry infused sugar coating.

Marshmallows will be packaged in a cellophane bag with a label ready to be given as a gift

Orders are shipped USPS Priority mail which takes between 2 to 3 business days.


Ingredients: filtered water, cane sugar, , non gmo corn syrup, gin,lime juice, juniper berries, gelatine, lime juice, , corn flour

Shelf Life: Store airtight in a cool area up to 4 weeks. Marshmallows can be refrigerated or frozen.


Ingredients:  filtered water, cane sugar, non gmo corn syrup, corn starch, gelatine, food coloring, freshly squeezed lime juice, gin,juniper berries

Shelf Life:  Best consumed within 2 weeks. Store airtight.